1-Day Tour

1st, Aug 2017

Northern Taiwan


Route 1: Tamsui / Laomei Green Reef / Seafood at Harbor

Taipei > Yehliu Geopark > Juming Museum > Laomei Green Reef (April,May) / Baishawan Beach > Sanjhih (Cherry Blossom in March) > Tamsui Old Street > Taipei 

Route 2:Jiufen / Historic Trail Bike

Taipei > Nanya Rocks > Jiufen > Golden Waterfall > Caoling Historic Trail Bike > Taipei 

Route 3: City Half Day Tour

Taipei > Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall > Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall > Taipei 101> 
National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine > Raohe Night Market > Taipei  

Route 4: Wulai / Hot Spring

Taipei > Treasure Hill Artivists CO-OP > Bitan Boat > Unzen Waterfalls > Wulai Old Street > Wulai Hot Spring > Taipei  

Route 5: Jiufen / Sky Lantern     HOT

Taipei > Jiufen > Shifen (Sky Lantern / Waterfall) > Taipei 101 > Taipei 

Route 6: Shihting Thousand Island Lake / Bike along the river

Taipei > Shihting Thousand Island Lake > Bagua tea plantation > Tea Museum / Pinglin bike > Green Farms > Taipei 

Route 7: Taipei Zoo / Maokong Gondola

Taipei > Taipei Zoo > Maokong Gondola > Tea Restaurant > Taipei 101 > RaoHe Night Market > Taipei 

Route 8: Yangmingshan National Park / Bali Ferry

Taipei > Beitou Thermal Valley > Yangmingshan National Park > Danshui Old Street > Bali Ferry > Shihlin Night Market > Taipei

Route 9: National Palace Museum / Calla Lilies Picking / Hot Spring     HOT

Taipei > Shilin Official Residence > National Palace Museum > Yangmingshan National Park / Bamboo Lake Calla Lilies Picking(March,April) > Peitou Geothermal Valley / Hot Spring > Taipei



*We can departure from Taipei, addtional expense

Route 1: National Center of Traditional Arts / Traditional Ship Roaming/ Shrimp Fishing & BBQ

Yilan > Dong Shan River Park > Traditional Ship > National Center of Traditional Arts > Crayon Painted Hall (or) Rice-Flour Noodle factory tour > Shrimp Fishing & BBQ freshly > Yilan

Route 2: Jiaoxi Tangweigou Hot Spring Park / Green Onion Pancakes DIY / Whale Watching / Fish Foot Spa     HOT

Yilan > Tiensungpei Station > Green Onion Museum > Green Onion Pancakes DIY > Wushi Harbor Whale Watching on Boat >  Jiaoxi  Tangweigou Hot Spring Park > Yilan

Route 3: Jimi Square / Whisky Factory Tour / Waterweeds Farm

Yilan > Artemis Garden > Kavalan Whisky Factory > Sheng YangWaterweeds Farm > Bajia Koi Carp Farm > Jimi Square > Yilan

Route 4: Fenniaolin (Dong'ao Bay) / Suao Cold Spring

Yilan > Baimi Clogs Village DIY > Nantian Temple (Golden Matsu) > Suao Cold Spring > Neipi Beach > Dong'ao Bay Fenniaolin (The Hidden Scenic Spot) > Yilan

Route 5: Taipingshan National Forest Park / Cuifeng Mountain Lake / Hot Spring Egg Boiling

Yilan > Cherry Forest > Tuchang > Jiuzize Hot Spring > Bailing Giant Tree > Taipingshan > Cuifeng Lake > Yilan

Route 6: Luodong Sports Park / Sheep Feeding at Ranch

Yilan > Kavalan Whisky Factory > Yinon Ranch > Luodong Sports Park > Luodong Forestry Culture Garden > Luodong Night Market > Yilan

Route 7: Lanyang Museum / Paragliding, Surfing,Whale watching (Choose 1 from 3)

Yilan > Mr. Brown Cafe Castle > Waiao Train Station / Beaches > Lanyang Museum > Toucheng Eagle Rock Tip > Yilan


Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli

Route1: Taoyuan Chocolate DIY

Republic of Chocolate > Daxi Old Street > Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park > Daxi Blooming Oasis

Route2: Shihmen/ Tea Farm DIY

Tea Farm DIY > Fresh Fish Lunch > Bike Roaming Daxi Old Street 

Route3: Shimen Reservior / Aborginal Tribe

Daxi Aborginal Tribe > Tuba church > Shimen Reservior 

Route4: Leofoo Theme Park / Ceramic DIY     HOT

Leofoo Theme Park >Yingge Ceramics Museum or Old Street > Ceramic DIY

Route5: Taiwan Pavilion World Expo / Port Biking

Hsinchu City Craft Glass Museum(Hukou Old Street on Mondays)> Hsinchu Train Station、Dongmen Traffic Circle > Cheng Huang Temple / Traditional Taiwanese Food > Expo Taiwan Pavillion > Nanliao Fishing Port 

Route6:Green World Ecological Farm / Hakka Ground Tea DIY

Hsinchu Green World Ecological Farm > Beipu Old Street > Beipu Hakka Ground Tea DIY   

Route7: Shangrila Paradise / Hakka Round House

Miaoli Hakka Round House > Matilda Reservoir > Lavender Forest > Shangrila Paradise > Haowanjaw Observatory 

Route8: Sheng Sing Station / Chocolate DIY 

Chocolate DIY > Dahu Strawberry Picking(May-Dec.), Dahu Wineland Resort /Strawberry Culture Museum > Flower Home Leisure Farm > Vilavilla Magic Garden > Sheng Sing Station / Long Teng Bridge 


Central Taiwan


Route1: Theme Park /Country Bike

Taichung > Lihpao Land or Mara Bay Waterpark > Houli Horse Farm & Houfeng Tiema Dao (Hualiang Steel Bridge, No.9 Tunnel) > Yuemei Old Sugar Factory > Taichung 

Route2: Xinshe Musinchuan Leisure Farm / Featured Painted Trails

Taichung > Xinshe Musinchuan Leisure Farm > Gu-Gu House > Princess Annie’s Garden > Malipu Painted Trail > Taichung 

Route3: Art Museum of the Museum of Fine Arts atmosphere

Taichung> National Museum of Natural Science > Calligraphy Greenway > Museum of Fine Art > Metropolitan Opera House> Maple Garden > Tunghai University > Taichung 

Route4: Lukang Old Town / Featured Painted Village     HOT

Taichung > Rainbow Village > Lukang Old Town > Tunghai University > Gaomei Wetland > Fengjia Night Market > Taichung 

Route5: Xinshe Castle (Summit Resort) / 100 kinds of Ice cream for your choice

Taichung > Moncoeur > Xinshe Castle(Summit Resort) > Lavender Forest > Miyahara (eye hospital) Yammy ice cream > Yichung Shopping Street > Taichung 

Route6: Taiwan Times Village / Chocolate & Wine

Taichung > 18 ° C Chocolate Workshop > Puli Brewery > Paper Dome > Chung Tai Chan Monastery > Taiwan Times Village > Taichung 




Route1: Sun-Link-Sea Forest and Nature Resort / Hiking in Wangyou Forest     HOT

Twelve  Turns of Chinese Zodiac > Wangyou Forest (Drought period, switch to Sitou Nature Forest Park) > Xitou Monster Village > Neihu Elmentary School (Japanese Arcitecture)

Route2: Chung Tai Chan Monastery / GuangXing Pulp Factory - Taiwan Paper DIY

King Garden Bakery > Paper Dome > GuangXing Pulp Factory - Taiwan Paper > Chung Tai Chan Monastery > Atayal Resort 

Route3:  Boat & Cable Car on Sun Moon lake     HOT

Boat on Sun Moon lake (ShueiShe Wharf / Xuangong Temple/ Yidashao Pier) > Cable Car on Sun Moon lake > Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village > Wen Wu Temple

Route4:  Sun Moon lake / Ceramic kiln DIY

Shueli Snake Kiln > Checheng Station (Chechen Old Street / Logging Exhibition Hall / Train Station) > Boat on Sun Moon lake ( ShueiShe Wharf / Xuangong Temple/ Yidashao Pier) > Paper Dome

Route5:  Cingjing Veterans Farm / Phytoncid around Mountains     HOT

Puli Brewery > Cingjing Veterans Farm  > Small Swiss Garden / Carton King > Feeling 18°C Chocolate Shop

Route6: Sitou Nature Education Area

Xitou Monster Village > Sitou Nature Education Area > Xiaobantian Recreation Area (Moso Bamboo Forest / Dalun Shan Tea Garden Ginkgo Forest) > Sky Bridge


Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi

Route1: Changhua Tourism Factory / Tidal flat exploration

Taiwan Glass Gallery > Ribbon King Museum > Wanggong Story House /Port > Oyster Craft Culture Center > Tidal flat exploration

Route2: Yunlin Traditional Arts & Culture / DIY

Cake of Towel Tourism Factory > Cat on the Roof in Dinxi Village > Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum/ Story Museum > Bantou Art Village DIY 

Route3: Southern Branch of National Palace Museum / 3D Painted Village

Beimen Tourist Center > Budai 3D Painted Village > Budai Fish Market or Dongshi Wharf > Southern Brance of National Palace Museum  

Route4: Alishan Nature Hiking / Hot Spring     HOT

Alishan Forest Recreation Area > Tataka Anbu at Yushan > Couple Trees > Dongpu Hot Springs > Plum Dream Factory


Southern Taiwan


Route1: Chi Mei Museum / Bamboo Boat on Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel     HOT

Chi Mei Museum > Ten Drum Cultural Village > Bamboo Boat on Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel > Tainan Street Food  

Route2: Kayak / Fruit Picking

Jiangnan Resort (kayak) > Xuankong Temple > Lutao Ancient Jiang Residence > Fruit Picling (Mango、Grapefruit or Orange,depends on different seasons)  

Route3: Salt Field / Bird Watching

Bamboo Boat on Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel > Crystal Church > Beimen Visitor Center > Jingzijiao Tile-Paved Salt Field >  > Black-faced Spoonbill Bird Watching Pavilion(Winter)/ Back-faced Spoonbill Bird Ecology Exhibition Hall (Summer)

Route4: Mud Spring / Water & Fire at the same spot

Huo Shan Bi Yun Temple > Water & Fire at the same spot > Guanziling Mud Spring > Houbi Farmer Art Village > Xiao Nan Hai Recreation Area (Lotus Blooming in Summer)  

Route5: Chi Mei Museum / Salt Mountains     HOT

Chi Mei Museum > Confucius Temple > Crystal Church > Salt Mountains > Garden Night Market 

Route6: Tainan Historical Architecture Tour

Chihkan Tower > Old Tait & Co. Merchant House > Anping Tree House/Anping Castle/Anping Old Street > Eternal Fortress > Chou's Shrimp Roll 



Route1: E-DA Theme Park

Fongyi Tutorial Academy > Dadong Culture Art Center > Ciaotou Sugar Factory > E-DA Theme Park

Route2: Maolin purple crow butterfly

Brussa Suspension Bridge > Maolin National Park (Nov.-March: Purple Crow Butterfly Season) > Duona Suspension Bridge > Longtoushan Recreation Area > Duonma Village

Route3: Meinung Folk Village / Hakka Oil-Paper Umbrella DIY

Meinung Culture Center(Closed on Mondays) > East Gate Tower > Hakka Oil-Paper Umbrella DIY > Meinung Folk Village > Qishan Wude Temple > Qishan Old Street (Banana Kindom) 

Route4: Qijin / Creative Art District     HOT

Xiziwan > Qijin Harbor > Qijin Lighthouse > National Sun Yat-Sen University > Qijin Seafood Street > Qijin Windmill Park > Pier-2 Art Center

Route5:  Love River / Railway Fans Must See

Takao Railway Museum > Former British Consulate at Dagou > Kaohsiung Library > Kaohsiung Art Museum > Cruise on the Love River > Fishermen's Wharf > Kaixuan Night Market

Route6: Fo Guang Shan(Buddish Temple) / Pineapple Cake DIY     HOT

Fo Guang Shan/Buddha Memorial Center > Lotus Lake  > Dragon Tiger Tower > The Castle of Golden Pineapple (Pineapple Cake DIY) > Old Sugar Factory > Meinung >  Ruifeng Night Market


Pingtung / Kending

Route1: Water Activities of free choices

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium >  Snorkeling, Banana Boating, Speed Boating or Surfing > Desert Safari 

Route2: Kending National Park     HOT

Kending National Park > Jialeshuei Scenic Area > Fongchueisha (wind-drift sand) > Longpan Park > Eluanbi Lighthouse > Chuanfan Rock > Kending Shop Street

Route3: Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area / Oyster Shell Island

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area ( Dapengwang Bridge/ Cifong Wetlands (Boating or Go-Car) > Oyster Shell Island > Lingbian Community > Fangliao Railway Art Village


Eastern Taiwan


Route1: Daylily Flowers (Taiwan's Little Switzerland) / Landmark East N 23.5°     HOT

Dafu Danong Forest Recreation Area > Ruisui Ranch > Landmark East N 23.5° > Liushidan Mountain for Daylily Flowers(Aug.-Sep.) 

Route2: East Coastal Range / Bat Viewing on Boat

Niushan Huting > Fanshuliao Canyon (Forest of Braves) > Baci Ovservation Tower > Shihtiping (Stone Stair Terrace) > Yuedong:Moon Cave(Bat Viewing on Boat) > Changhong Arch Bridge >Landmark East N 23.5°

Route3: Ocean Theme Park / Japanese Garden

Chinxiu Temple > Pine Garden > Hualien Ocean Theme Park > Tungtamen Night Market

Route4: Taroko Gorge / Qingshui Cliff     HOT

Qixingtan Scenic Area > Taroko Gorge > Tianxiang > Swallows' Grottos' Trail (Yanzikou) > Baiyang Trail / Cave of Water Curtain > Shakadang Trail > Qingshui Cliff > Tungtamen Night Market 

Route5: East Rift Valley / Clams Picking

Liyu Lake > Lichuan Clams Farm > Yun Shan Shuei Ecological Farm > Lintian Mountain Forestry Center > Guangfu Sugar Factory > Tungtamen Night Market 



Route1: Luye Gaotai Paraglding / Bike in Countryside     HOT

Beinan Cultural Park > Wild Boar Ranch for Coffee Alamid > Bunun Tribe > Luye Gaotai (Paragliding /Tea Farm) > Bike Roaming Longtian Japanese Immigrant Village 

Route2: East Coast / Bike roaming Outdoor Art Space

Taitung Seaside Park (Bike roaming Outdoor Art Space) > Railway Art Village > Shanyuan Ecological Park(Feeding Wild Fish) > Jialulan Recreation Area > Beinan Dazun Water Conservation Park 

Route3: Luoshan Organnic Village(Mud Volcano Tofu) / Play with Wild Monkey

Fuli Church > Luoshan Organnic Village(Luoshan Waterfull/Mud Volcano/Dayu Pond) > Wushibi Fishing Harbor > Wild Monkey at Taiyuan Valley > Donghe Bridge > Water Running Up Spot 



§ Cost §  10 Hours Daily, 30% Deposit

5 Seats Car:Taipei city tour NT4000;Different Cities tour NT5000;Other cities please contact us

9 Seats Car:Taipei city tour NT5000;Different Cities tour NT6000;Other cities please contact us

20 Seats Bus:Taipei city tour NT9000;Different Cities tour NT11000;Other cities please contact us

40 Seats Bus:Taipei city tour NT10000;Different Cities tour NT12000;Other cities please contact us


Include: Parking fees, Tolls, Oil, Insurance

Not Include: Ticket, Meals, Acoomodation, and others

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